Department of Gynaecology & Obstetrics

We at Lotus Hospital understand that welcoming a new guest is a big event to celebrate and our endeavour is to make this a welcome and happy experience for the parents. We encourage the husbands to be there right through labour and delivery. The environment is very friendly and home-like to make the mother as comfortable as possible. The department headed by renowned Gynaecologist Dr. Ruchi Gupta has a team of affectionate, caring and experienced health care professionals. The services offered by the department are:

• Complete Pregnancy   Management• High Risk Normal   Deliveries• Cesarian Deliveries• High Risk Pregnancies• Painless Deliveries
• Recognized MTP and Tubal   Sterilization Centre• Infertility Management• Ovarian Cystectomies and   Ectopic Pregnancies• Gynaec Cancer Surgeries• Diagnostic Laparoscopy /   Hysteroscopy
• Laparoscopic Sterilization• Hysterectomy –   Abdominal / Vaginal• Vulval Lesion Excision• Salpingo-oophorectomy –   Ectopic Pregnancy• Vaginal and Vulval Warts –   Removal
• Cone Biopsy of Cervix• Reversal of Sterilization• Vaginal & Perineal plastic   surgery• Cervical Cyst• Placement / Insertion of   IUCD
• Dilation and Curretage – D and C• Laparoscopic Sigmoid   Colectomies• Posterior Repair – Prolapse   Operation